Reference Material For Catholic Network

In this evolving section you will find links to various (Church approved) reference sources. We realize the wealth of information available on the internet and in no way consider this to be a comprehensive reference guide. However, this small guide is intended to be especially useful when looking for that perfect bible quote, proving a point on what the Church teaches or even something as simple as creating a new wall post.

We have conveniently linked these in windows on this website so you don’t have to leave the Online Catholic Network site to find something quickly! (Especially when in a Discussion Forum debate!)  You can easily navigate the pages using your browsers back and forward buttons like normal.

The Catholic Bible

This is a link to the version of the Bible sanctioned by the Catholic Church.  This is an external link to the Vatican’s official website where you can view and search the bible which also includes very insightful linked footnotes throughout.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church

This is a link to the official Vatican website where you can search and view the Catechism to help learn your faith, aid in discussions or help solve any questions you may have about what the Church truly believes.  This digital version of the Catechism should not be considered a substitute for a hard copy of the book.  The Online Catholic Network is providing this digital version for those who may not yet own a physical copy or are in need of a quick lookup.  For those who study the Catechism,this digital version can sometimes come in very handy!

The Ten Commandments

Another link to the Holy See’s website where you can read the Ten Commandments straight from the Catechism of the Catholic Church and see how they are written in the Bible in Exodus 20 2-17 and compare that to how we remember them today.

Before you click this link we would like to offer you a challenge…name all 10…in order!

The Holy Rosary

This link to the Vatican’s Rosary will help anybody to learn to pray the Rosary and also help those of us who may have forgotten one of those Mysteries, or even what day we should pray those Mysteries.  Also included is both the scriptural version of each Mystery as well as the definition from the Catechism of the Catholic Church that can truly help you meditate on each Mystery.

An Examination of Conscience (Making a Good Confession)

There are two simple secrets to making a good confession. The first is to have a firm purpose of amendment, which means you will do everything in your power not to commit the sin again. The second is to first perform an examination of conscience.  To do this is simple! Read the Ten Commandments!  We are taking this one step further for any of you who wish to give a truthful and powerful confession. Get out a pen and paper and then click the link below to where the Catechism of the Catholic Church defines the Ten Commandments in ways you may not realize or remember.  Go through each Commandment and write down your sins against it.  Simple as that! (Yes this will take some time, but we guarantee you will be happy you did it!)  In the light of the recent iPhone App confession ordeal, we are making this note:  You must still go to a priest and confess your sins to receive the sacrament of penance! 

The Beatitudes

This quick read will not only remind you of the Beatitudes but give a synopsis of what the Church teaches about them and why Jesus gave them to us.

Inter Mirifica (Decree on the Media of Social Communications)

This is a link to the official Vatican website where you can browse this document calling for the use of the media to spread the Word of God.  Very interesting material and very relevant for what we at the Online Catholic Network are trying to accomplish!

Dei Verbum (Word of God)

This is a link to the official Vatican website containing the Dogmatic Constitution on Divine Revelation written to instruct how Catholics interpret the Word of God through written texts, the spoken Word, and the magisterial teaching of the Church. A very good read if you have the time and also useful for online discussions, teachers, priests or anybody interested in the true way to interpret the divine gift of the Word of God!